Why Language Speaking Practice through Conversation

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We often think of studying a language as sitting at a desk and reading sentences from a book. The end goal is for us to be able to pass an exam and get a certificate of completion. There’s plenty of new vocabulary to memorize, ample grammar rules to wrap our minds around, and we’re presented with endless language combinations. This is great if you’re learning to read or write in your target language like English, but how can this method teach you how to speak the language?

Langulife greets you with a more fun way to learn languages through practice. It’s not only more enjoyable but also science-approved! Here’s why you should consider learning languages through conversation via Langulife:

Improve your skills by doing

Practice makes perfect, and Langulife is the best place to level up your speaking practice. Studies show that language learners who practice speaking outperform those who learn via comprehension exercises without oral practice. Through actual conversations on real-life topics, you not only boost your vocabulary in relevant topics, but you also gain the ability to think directly in your target language instead of translating mentally from your mother tongue.

Boost your language speaking practice confidence

When we try to learn languages, many of us worry about not knowing what to say when we learn a new language. We are afraid that other people will notice our mistakes, correct us, or even make fun of us. But this fear comes from a lack of confidence, which you can boost with practice. Even talking to ourselves in a mirror can help us tackle this challenge, but an app like Langulife allows you to refine your skills by listening to how others respond to the same question and comment on their answers. Moreover, you can create your own vocabulary bank comprised of the new words and idioms you learn.

Improve your pronunciation through language speaking practice

If you spend all your time studying by yourself and never speak a word of your target language out loud, you could be mispronouncing certain words. And if you find yourself in a situation where you need to talk to other people, but no one understands what you’re saying, it defeats the purpose of learning a new language. By providing you with the option to hear native people replying to the same questions and using the same (or similar) words, Langulife makes it easy to master the art of pronouncing even the most complex words correctly. You can also track your progress and take pride in it by listening to your previous recordings as you advance in your language learning journey.

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