The Art of Conversation and Language Expression

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Why Language Expression?

Languages & expression. They are an unbreakable pair. Language expression is everything. We learn languages to express ourselves. We do it through engaging in interesting conversations. In this blogpost, we review a few hypothetical conversations where our language skills could shine.

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario. You’re a learner of Italian language. It’s always been your dream to travel to Italy and have a truly unique experience. Speaking and understanding the local language greatly helps you with this objective. The ability to express yourself in the local language elevates your experience to levels you could have never imagined. Let’s dive into more detail, shall we?

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Angela in Italy | A Hypothetical Story

Angela is a 27 year old architecture graduate from New York. She started learning Italian a year ago. She’s always been fascinated with the Italian culture, language and cuisine. She fell in love with the poetic sound of Italian language and decided that she simply has to learn it.

Throughout her learning journey, Angela tried many apps, private tutors and practice books. Angela is smart. She learned something from all of those experiences, creating a strong backbone and foundation for her Italian skills.  Her long-awaited dream trip is finally here. Let’s see how Angela can use language expression to have an unforgivable time in Italy. 

Angela is in Florence. Her first day itinerary includes:

  • A walking tour of the city
  • A classy lunch at an authentic Italian pasta-house
  • Shopping at the mall
  • A dinner date with a handsome Italian gentleman

In each of those four scenarios, Angela needs to express herself in Italian. It’s her speaking and listening skills that will get her through the day, and not other things. Luckily for Angela, she’s more than ready since she used Langulife to practice expressing herself in Italian and talk about real life matters, preparing her for her dream trip to Italy. 

On the walking tour, she enthusiastically engages with the tour guide, asking questions about the history of Florence. She has a rich vocabulary knowledge about the topic and is able to answer the guide’s questions about her own country’s history. At lunch, she’s able to articulate her unique taste and preference of Italian cuisine to the waiter and waitress. Her Italian, spoken in an American accent, brings a smile to the faces of the restaurant staff. This contagious positive energy takes Angela’s experience to a whole new level. She even asks the staff for the exact recipe of the food, able to understand their answer since she’s already spoken about this topic and has heard others speak about this topic on Langulife. Same is true when she wanders at the shopping centre a few hours later. She successfully negotiates the price of a souvenir and buys it at 20% off. On her date in the evening, she can express what exactly she’s looking for in a partner and what turns her off. She has practice of already speaking about this subject and question on Langulife. She has mastered language expression through meaningful conversation. Practice makes perfect after all, doesn’t it? 

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Languages, what’s the point? It’s all about expression in the end. There is no learning without speaking. There is no learning without expression. There is no learning without understanding. That’s why here at Langulife, our focus is on speaking, listening and language expression. Join Us today and start your journey!

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