How to Use Langulife and Have Fun With It

How to use Langulife

Just found Langulife and you are not sure how to get started yet ?‌ Or maybe you are still thinking whether Langulife is the best choice for you or not? Either way, your questions will 100% find an answer in the following article. So buckle up and get ready for an in-depth exploration of how to use Langulife and what are some of its best features that you might have missed.

But before we dive right in, let’s get you acquainted with what Langulife is and how it can help you reach your language goals!

  • Langulife helps learners all around the world to practice their speaking and listening skills in 11 languages (and counting)
  • It focuses on conversations you’ll actually use in real life
  • It provides you with relevant vocabulary for each topic, so you could user your new words in your speech immediately
  • It has authentic conversations recorded by native speakers as well as other learners, so you get a true taste of your target language
  • It’s available on the Web for now

How to use Langulife: Getting started

After completing registration and verifying your email, login and you’d see the above page to set up your account.

  • Write your name and choose your gender
  • From the dropdown menu, choose your Native language.
  • Then, choose the language you want to practice and indicate your current speaking level in that language.
  • Bio and photo aren’t mandatory, but they’d make your profile more personable. But it’s your choice!
  • Review all the info and then click “Save”


Boom! that’s it. your profile is setup!

Langulife setup

You’ll then be redirected to the Dashboard. It will look empty at first, but once you become an active member of our community, this page is where you’ll get all the news of what has happened since you were last online. Here you can see:

  • Which other members have followed you
  • Latest replies to your comments / answers
  • If you’ve favorite a specific topic, you can see all the latest replies to that topic!


Now, we’re approaching the fun part. How to use Langulife to practice speaking. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Langulife dashboard

Speaking Practice Process Explained

Langulife speaking practice

After clicking on “Speaking Topics“, you’ll be directed to this page. You’ll find 23 topics and 460+ speaking prompts. 

From the dropdown menu, choose the language in which you want to speak (Note, you can only make voice notes in your Native/Fluent languages as well as the learning language(s) you chose when setting up your profile.

  • Choose a topic that you find interesting and want to talk about and click on it
  • On the following page (see photos below), you’ll see a list of interesting and engaging speaking prompts for that topic
  • Click on the prompt or ‘Replies’ to go to the specific prompt page


We’re 90% there. Let’s catch up to the above with some visuals.

Langulife topic page

Time to Speak & Listen !

On the prompt page, you’ll see all the users who have already spoken about this prompt. Their level of speaking fluency is indicated next to their name. You can listen to their answers by clicking the ‘PLAY’ icon. 

If. you want to comment on other users’ answers, click the small microphone icon next to the answer and get going! (See photos below)

You’ll also see a list of relevant vocabulary to that topic. You can review the words, check their pronunciation by clicking on the ‘Speaker’ icon, and add them to your vocabulary bank by clicking on the “+” next to them. You can categorize the words based on their types: Noun, Verb, Adjective

To start speaking about the prompt you want to talk about, follow these steps:

  • Click on the big microphone next to the prompt.
  • A popup window will appear
  • On the popup window, click the small microphone icon to start recording
  • One your recording is done, click the Blue square
  • You can review your answer. If you’re not happy with it, simply close the window and repeat the above process again
  • If you’re happy with your answer, click ‘Save’.


Boom! You’ve just answered your first of many speaking prompt on Langulife. You know how to use Langulife! It wasn’t too complicated, was it? 

Langulife recording
recording process
recording voice

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