How to Start Learning A New Language

learning a new language

Learning a new language is never easy. That’s why hundreds of millions of people have tried and at some point failed. One wonders, what differentiates successful and unsuccessful language learners. I’ve read many books and blogs on this subject, including Benny Lewis’s “Fluent in 3 Months”  and in this article, I’ll sure my most basic and biggest learnings and observations, so you could start your language learning journey with solid foundations.

1. Find a Motivation

It goes without saying, but a strong motivation is the most important factor. Only with a strong motivation, you could survive the initial frustrations and setbacks of learning a new language.  That’s why a majority of first-time language learners, abandoning their mission and give up on learning after a couple of months. To see more details of which specific language has the highest average of quitters, make sure to check out this study from Knowledge Academy

2. Learn Everyday

It’s better to practice for 10 minutes every day, than to have a weekly one-hour session. Practice makes perfect and when it comes to languages, you must practice consistently to keep the energy, motivation, and brain sharpness as high as possible in those early stages.  Set a specific time during the day aside, could be the morning before breakfast, or during your lunch break and make sure in that time, you’re 100% focused on your language learning. Even if it’s for a mere 15 minutes.

3. Don't Overcomplicate Things

Your learning journey will be difficult and full of ups and downs. But it’ll be even more difficult if you put too many burdens on yourself with polluting your brain with too many learning resources. Choose one source for each of the main 6 learning foundations (Writing, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary) and stick with those. You don’t need 5 applications or 3 books to get started. One of each is enough. Quality over quantity!

4. Embrace Mistakes & Have Fun

You’re going to make mistakes. Learning a new language simply requires you to make countless mistakes. Don’t run away from it. Embrace those mistakes and have fun with it. Love your unique accent and just speak. Your language level won’t improve if you run away from mistakes. Make them, have a laugh, and try to do better next time. Learning a new language is supposed to be fun. It’ll elevate you as in individual and that’s a cause for celebration and a big cheers!

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