Langulife is a communication and learning platform, designed to help language lovers and learners to practice expressing themselves more effectively and confidently in their target languages. 

Our mission is to help its users have more confidence when they speak and write, and understand more of what they hear and read. 

1.  On the homepage, click on ‘Register’ at top corner

2. Enter your name, email address, and desired password. Re-enter the password one more time.

3. Tick the Privacy Policy agreement, and click ‘Register’

4. You’ll receive an email to verify your account. Click the box in that email to verify your account.

5. Simply Login with your email and password and. you’re IN !

* You can also register/login directly with your Gmail account. In that case, no email verification is needed.

1.  Choose your native language

2. Choose your gender.

3. Choose your learning language and your speaking level in that language

4. Click ‘Save’ !

* You can always add/remove a profile picture. However, you can only change/add/remove your native and learning languages if you upgrade to VIP later on.

1.  Click on the ‘ Practice Topics’ tab and choose your desired language sliding menu.

2. Click on the topic that interests you

3. You’ll be presented with related prompts about that topic. Click the prompt you’d like to speak about.

4. There you’ll be given the option to either record your answer in voice format, or write your answer in text format.

5. Whenever you’re happy with your answer, click ‘Save’.

No. You can only make recordings in your chosen Learning and Native/Fluent languages. 

However, you can listen to recordings in all languages.

You can answer a prompt only once. However, you can make unlimited replies and comments on your answer, as well as other users’ answers. 

If you wish to change your answer to a prompt after publishing it. Go to ‘My Recordings’ and delete your existing answer.

Then, you’d be able to answer that specific prompt again.

No. You can only add vocabulary from your ‘Learning Languages’ to your vocabulary bank.

No. Your primary answer to a prompt will be public.