5 Fascinating Facts About the Italian Language

italian rome

Languages are fascinating, I think we can agree on that. Italian language, one of the most loved and adored languages worldwide, is more fascinating than usual. Italian rhymes like pleasant music to our ears. It warms our hearts. It makes us fall madly in love and want to listen to it, even if we don’t […]

How to Use Langulife and Have Fun With It

How to use Langulife

Just found Langulife and you are not sure how to get started yet ?‌ Or maybe you are still thinking whether Langulife is the best choice for you or not? Either way, your questions will 100% find an answer in the following article. So buckle up and get ready for an in-depth exploration of how […]

How to Start Learning A New Language

learning a new language

Learning a new language is never easy. That’s why hundreds of millions of people have tried and at some point failed. One wonders, what differentiates successful and unsuccessful language learners. I’ve read many books and blogs on this subject, including Benny Lewis’s “Fluent in 3 Months”  and in this article, I’ll sure my most basic […]

5 Funny Spanish Phrases You Must Know

funny spanish phrases

Every language has some fascinating words and sayings that you simply must know to score points with Native speakers and show them you mean business. Spanish takes this to a new level. Let’s have a look at 5 funny Spanish phrases: 1. Ponerse las pilas What it literally means: To put in the batteries When […]

5 Mind-blowing & Weird German Words

weird german words language

German Language is quite something. You either love it or hate it. Usually, there is no middle ground. It’s logical, almost too logical. It’s aggressive. Some say almost too aggressive. That’s what makes German so unique. It’s no wonder that German language is full of weird words and phrases. Let’s have a look at five […]

Why Language Speaking Practice through Conversation

language speaking practice woman

We often think of studying a language as sitting at a desk and reading sentences from a book. The end goal is for us to be able to pass an exam and get a certificate of completion. There’s plenty of new vocabulary to memorize, ample grammar rules to wrap our minds around, and we’re presented […]

The Art of Conversation and Language Expression

language expression friends

Why Language Expression? Languages & expression. They are an unbreakable pair. Language expression is everything. We learn languages to express ourselves. We do it through engaging in interesting conversations. In this blogpost, we review a few hypothetical conversations where our language skills could shine. Close your eyes and imagine this scenario. You’re a learner of […]

5 Interesting Facts About Ukrainian Language

Ukraine Kyiv Ukrainian language

Ukrainian language is one of the most fascinating languages in the world, spoken by over 40 million people worldwide. In this article, we’ll discuss five interesting and lesser known fact about this language. Buckle Up! 1. Ukrainian language is much different than Russian Contrary to popular belief, Ukrainian language varies greatly from Russian. In fact, […]

Speaking Practice Made Fun With Langulife

welcome langulife

Today, I want to talk about what prompted me to create Langulife. There are some questions we need to answer first. Why languages are so important? What makes communication the heartbeat of humanity? Is speaking practice is the most important part of language learning? There are more. Finally I will share my own language journey […]