5 Funny Spanish Phrases You Must Know

funny spanish phrases

Every language has some fascinating words and sayings that you simply must know to score points with Native speakers and show them you mean business. Spanish takes this to a new level. Let’s have a look at 5 funny Spanish phrases:

1. Ponerse las pilas

What it literally means: To put in the batteries

When to use it: Have you ever been in a situation where your mind simply wasn’t 100% sharp or dozing off somewhere else? It’s as you haven’t had your morning coffee or just you aren’t 100% attentive. In this case, don’t be surprised if a native Spanish speaker tells you:

¡Ponte las pilas!” similar to “Wake up!” in English

2. Burro hablando de orejas

What it literally means: A donkey talking about ears

When to use it: Donkeys have massive ears, don’t they? Now imagine a donkey mocking someone else for their massive ears. I think you catch the trick. It’s used when you criticize some one or something for a fault that you yourself have as well. This is basically the Spanish equivalent to “The pot calling the kettle back!”. 

No me critiques por eso. ¡Mírate a ti mismo! ¡El burro hablando de orejas! 

funny spanish phrases

3. Estar loco como una cabra

What it literally means: To be as crazy and insane as a goat

When to use it: This one is fun. It’s used to describe someone or something that is completely stupid, crazy or out of their mind. You can have plenty of fun with this. However, I’ve seen plenty of creatures crazier than goats, but I didn’t make up the Spanish language. That’s why it’s a funny Spanish phrase after all! … Let’s think of a crazy way to use this phrase: Imagine your friend has decided to marry a girl he just met two weeks ago. Here is how it goes:

no puedo creerlo Ha perdido la razón? Está loco como una cabra.

4. Creerse la última Coca-Cola del desierto

What it literally means: To think of self as the last Coca Cola in the desert

When to use it: You know that one person who thinks of themself as the holy grail of humanity and has this insanely inflated sense of self-importance? In other words, they have their head up their own ass. That’s exactly who this phrase was made for. Let’s have a real-life example: Your boss Carlos is annoying cocky and just wants to boss you around. He thinks as if he is sent by god to live among us pesky humans!

El es tan arogante. Se cree la ultima coca-cola del desierto!

5. Más prendido que arbolito de Navidad

What it literally means: To be more lit-up than a Christmas tree

When to use it: I thought we’d finish this article about funny Spanish phrases on a light note. This phrase is used to describe a wasted person. A person so drunk that he/she has no idea what’s going on. 

Míralo. Apenas puede caminar. El está más prendido que arbolito de Navidad.

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